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[shamlessly works on replies while in class because i have no other time to ever do them i’m gomen]

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Goodluck with your study!
[ Thanks cutie bby uwu ]

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// finals - one month- w h a t

[ It’s so close and I’m not ready ]

Short Hiatus

[ So it’s come to the point where I’m getting really far behind in homework in classes and my grades are slowly dropping. I’ve made the decision to quit one of my jobs because of school work, but I need to give up Tumblr, too ;;; That being said, if there’s ever a moment when I catch up with all my homework and have a free moment, you better be damn sure that I’ll try and bust some of these replies out.

Bear with me. Finals begin in 1 month uwu. Thank you ]


…that’s like a scattered dream. I want to line the pieces up. Yours and mine. Every story has a beginning. The greatest adventure begins with a leap of faith and one step. Every heart is connected under the same sky. One heart, one destiny. How will your journey go? ….a kingdom hearts/final fantasy/twewy rp group

Welcome to OneDestinyOneDawn-RP!This is a closed masterlist that welcomes all Final Fantasy, TWEWY and Kingdom Hearts roleplayers!
Please take a look at who we have and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!
(Smooches in return.

Omg no I’m not I want to die but thanks for the love my precious bby uwu)

(People keep mentioning me in their follow forevers and I’m just sitting here wondering what I did to warrant such an honor…

I need to make one of those damn things to express my love for you all. If only I had the time to do it OTL. Maybe someday soon)


Misaki couldn’t lie to himself and insist that he didn’t worry —he knew Saruhiko was sick. He often took care of the man when they were younger, and the tell tale signs were obvious. In that moment, all he wanted was to force Saru into bed and force some soup down his throat. Yet… things were different. Misaki didn’t have that right anymore.


However, when he received that little thanks, a wry smile quirked on his lips and Yata couldn’t help but be pleased. “You’re welcome. Be sure to finish it before it gets cold.”

He didn’t need to be mothered… “Yeah, I know.” He preferred it really hot anyways. Taking the cup again, he brings it to his lips and takes another long sip. HIs eyes never left the computer screen, one hand still typing away—albeit a little slower—while the other holds the cup. He could feel the warmth coming from the sides.

After a while he finishes the tea, and soon his work is done as well. He shuts the laptop and leans back in his chair. A small sigh passes his lips and he closes his eyes. “You didn’t have to stay. It’s late.”


Fushimi & Yata in Anime-ju this month (04/10)2000 x 2896

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