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"Yeah." He nodded once and stood up shakily, his injuries still causing a strain on his body. "Hey so uh..I’m sorta worn. It alright if I head to bed?" He had been resting all day, it was true, but something about thinking so hard about his past during dinner just made him extremely tired. Besides, the doctor had told him to get lots of rest. Yata yawned as if to prove his point. “I can put the dishes away first or whatever.”

Only one of his arms could be used at the moment, seeing as the other was bandaged up and in a sling, but he was determined not to be too much of a burden so he sucked up any discomfort and managed to get his dishes into the sink. He stared at the actual trays of food for a few moments, pondering if he should really get those too considering his leg was staring to hurt, but ultimately gave in and left those alone. He turned towards Saru as he exited to go to his futon.

"Thanks for all this. Maybe I’ll remember something when I sleep, huh?"

He blinks when the first question is posed to him. “What? Yeah, of course. Go get some rest.” It made him feel bad. He never meant to keep Misaki up like this if he was so exhausted. Misaki wasn’t really supposed to be up much anyways. He needed to rest, recover, and try to get his lost memories back. 

Saruhiko notices the obvious discomfort and pain, and tries to keep the other from doing any more strenuous work. “Don’t worry about the dishes. I can take care of that much.” He gets up and grabs the remaining dishes and trays, moving them towards the sink. “Really. It’ll be fine. Go get in bed. If you need anything…let me know.”

And he really means it when he offers his help, though he can’t help but feel that guilty pain in his heart when the other thanks him and looks at him with such joy. Because he knows he won’t see those kinds of faces soon, and he dreads knowing that some sort of painful memory might come back to Yata when he goes to sleep.

But he sucks it all up and forces out an awkward smile. “Yeah. No problem. Goodnight.”

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At times, Misaki had to wonder to himself if he was really pleased with allowing Saruhiko to carry on with his “joke” of a suggestion. It was obviously… extremely pleasurable to merely lose himself in their activities, but afterwards, his thoughts were often loud and difficult to ignore. When they were together normally, Yata almost felt happiest because it was what he was used to. Crossing that line and adding those actions into their friendship was almost too dangerous for someone like himself. Saruhiko… not so much, he supposed. The bluet was always exceptional at keeping his emotions in check. It was the ginger that got riled up, let his feelings run wild, wore his heart on his sleeve…

Shaking his head, Yata pushed himself off the couch and turned off the TV. It was early, probably around 9:30 in the evening, but it was obvious he wasn’t going to do much of anything. Sleeping, it was…

However, the buzzing of his cell phone in his pocket caused him to freeze, almost uncertain about checking the message. Whenever he set his mind to something, it was difficult not to feel annoyed about being interrupted. Even if that “something” was going  to bed early. Yet he simply pulled the device out of his pocket and swiped his thumb across the screen. Plugging in his password, the screen unlocked to show a message from the one guy he’d been just thinking of. 


"Fsh— at this hour?"

This was mumbled to himself aloud, shaking his head and contemplating responding. It was indeed getting later, which meant spending the night at Saruhiko’s could go one of two ways. Merely crashing and watching a movie or playing a game, or… well. The other usual. Scratching his now flushed cheek, Misaki had to decide relatively quickly which he was up for. But in the end, Saru was the one that managed to get his way.

To: Saru
From: Misaki
Subject: --
Message: yeah, i can come over. i'm not doing anything-- do you just want me to head over right now?

Locking his phone, he moved to the front door and sat down to pull on his sneakers. He doubted Saruhiko would just blatantly tell him ‘no,’ so he got ready in order to leave. It was another warm summer evening, so he simply checked that he had his keys and wallet before heading out the door and locking it behind himself. With that, he was off and out of the apartment building.

There were no clean intentions in his mind when he sent that text message. Maybe after the act they could play video games or something, but that hadn’t been his first reason for asking the other to come over. This was typical of his behavior anyways. When it was this late at night there was really only one thing he wanted; and he didn’t care if Yata spent the night over afterwards. It was kind of rough to have to travel all the way home after something like that. 

His phone rings with a return message and he unlocks his phone to check it. Fushimi had said half an hour for a reason, but if Yata was that eager to come over than who was he to say no?

To: Misaki
From: Saruhiko
Subject: --
Message: that's fine. I'm going to hop in the shower though. Just use the spare key when you get here. you know where it is

After sending the message he puts the phone back on the charger and makes his way to the bathroom. He strips out of his clothes and throws them into a hamper of laundry to be done at some point in the near future. He steps into the shower to relieve himself of all the built up filth from work that day as well as some of the stress. Though he knew it shouldn’t take Misaki that long to travel to his apartment, so he’d be able to relax soon anyways.


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⊰✦ —           Eric has only heard rumors of the other, but not enough to form any real thoughts on him. He supposed he could spout bullshit about how he was a traitor like the others, but wouldn’t he be calling the kettle black? In the end, he was as much of a traitor as he was; no matter how ’ small ’ the circumstances were in comparison. He was not the type to pass judgement, especially in matters that did not concern him.

                                       Not to mention, it’d be stupid to insult the enemy in their own turf with no back-up. Despite his bad habits, he knew when to shut up and keep his mouth closed. Of course, he paid them no mind back at the bar, especially toward a certain, yapping Chihuahua — but Eric wasn’t suicidal in any way, especially now that he actually found out what if feels like to enjoy living.

       When the other had seemingly offered to show him the way, Eric would be lying if he said he wasn’t surprised. However, he wasn’t going to pass this up; how else would he issue a meeting with the King with Scepter 4 all around him? How he got in unnoticed or unbothered was a miracle on its own.

                      ” Wouldn’t think of it, ” came his response, the dog totting behind the other, though there was a considerable distance between the two walking figures. 

Every so often Fushimi has to glance over his shoulder to make sure the other was still following him. The dog was so silent that it almost felt as if Fushimi were heading to the Captain’s office by himself. There was one moment in the walk where he nearly forgot his purpose for heading there, until he saw the blond hair behind him once again. 

When he reaches the Captain’s office he knocks lightly on the door. While waiting for permission to enter, he glances at Eric from the corner of his eye. He didn’t care about making assumptions, and he assumed that if it came from HOMRA, it wasn’t any good. As soon as he’s given the okay to enter he opens the door and walks in, waiting for the other to follow suit before turning towards his King.

He still has no clue why the other was here, but it was none of his business, and there was no reason to extend his stay. Though when he excuses himself and leaves the room, he stays close by. He doesn’t trust the other trying to walk back on his own.

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