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The lack of a hostile response had startled Yata to say the least, but he didn’t want to let himself be caught off guard. It could simply be that Saruhiko had to get into character before he was ready to give him a hard time. Furrowing his brow, though, Misaki stalked alongside the Blue clansman before exhaling harshly. No, he had to be stern! He couldn’t just talk as if he hadn’t been told off by the other some weeks before.

Even if it was nice not being yelled at…


Rushing a little until he was in front of the younger, Misaki looked up into Saruhiko’s face with pursed lips. “Well, I’d come to find you,” he stated loftily, not quite sure how to go about answering such a casual question.

He was doing his best to sound civil. Saruhiko had promised that he’d try his best, but sometimes those rude comments would just slip out without him realizing. It was just bad habit, and he wanted Misaki to understand that. It wasn’t like he could change overnight.

Saruhiko constantly pushed people away, and he had been like that long before he met Misaki. He believed that the only person he could fully trust was himself. He couldn’t put his faith in others, for fear that they’d fail or abandon him. So he constantly kept people at a distance… Misaki just managed to make it a little closer than all the rest.

"Huh? Why?" he doesn’t mean for it to sound rude, even though that might be how it comes across.

"Oi, Saruhiko!" It had been a good long while now and seeing as things had not picked up from where they'd left off, Yata was growing antsy once again. He refused to let the bluet just shrug him off after they'd been doing better not too long ago; how were things supposed to get better otherwise?

The Blue hears his name and the familiar voice that called it and stops. He turns to see Yata running towards him and waits for him to catch up before he turns and keeps walking. Things had been better—to a point—concerning their relationship. Yet Saruhiko still felt a bit uncomfortable being aroud the other, unsure of where they really stood or if they ever really could completely make up. 

He was doubtful, to say the least.

"What are you up to?" he asks, shoving his hands into his pockets. To be honest, he was slightly surprised that Misaki wasn’t with the rest of HOMRA. Not that he was complaining… 

Magic Anon casually starts petting Saruhiko. "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo, you must fall in love with anyone you make eye contact with." Magic Anon aaaawaaaaay. Flies off into outer space.

He blinks in rapid succession, still trying to understand how this joke was supposed to be funny. Of course there was no way he was going to listen. There was no way he’d so easily just do as he was told when he didn’t even know who was giving him such a ludicrous order. 


A sigh passes his lips as he shakes his head and ignores the comment, letting it leave his mind without a second thought. 

YES FUSHIMI GET THE BOOTY! This is my favorite rp ever




YES FUSHIMI GET THE BOOTY! This is my favorite rp ever

Things Change


Yata doesn’t realize what’s happening but he knows he’s suddenly not talking, his heartbeat loud in his ears as he feels soft, warm lips against his own and he doesn’t react. There’s no way that….

Tears dry in his eyes and he sees that yes….Fushimi Saruhiko….his first friend, his truest family…..and the man who single handedly betrayed him and was currently making his life a living hell….was kissing him.

Yata doesn’t know why that’s what he needs but suddenly he feels better, hands slowly coming up to twine in Saru’s hair as he gently leans in. He’s never kissed anyone but even he knows that their kissing is sloppy. But he doesn’t care. It feels good, it makes him feel good, and his body hasn’t felt this electric in his entire life. His hands tighten into dark hair and he pulls Saruhiko closer.

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