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You’re too adorable for words

[ You need to take a step back and think about what you just said ]

[ It came in and now I’m ready for Kigurumi!Saru at Otakon ]

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[ Let me post you this mun-day photo because 1) I haven’t done so in a while and 2) I find it hilarious that I had to work in such a condition today … Let me tell you a story: ]

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[ I hit 850 followers overnight and I’m so happy I’m about to bawl…I love everyone so much and even though I’m shit more than half the time (the rest of the time is me not even being around) you all stick by me with warm hugs and lots of love. Komi is very thankful for each and every one of you ]

[ One of these days the number of drafts I have will go down a decent amount. Today is not that day. Goodnight ]


It wasn’t until he saw that mischievous grin spread across Saruhiko’s face that Misaki became away of the double meaning to his own insult. Skin burning, his mouth fell open in bewilderment for a moment before he began stuttering. “T-That’s not what I fucking meant and you know it!” he snapped harshly, waving an arm. “Don’t go reading into things that aren’t there, pervert!”


"You’re the one who said it, so don’t go blaming me." he quickly retorts. "Besides, it was a joke. You take things much to seriously, Mi-sa-ki~." A small sigh escapes his lips. "But it really is a shame. I guess you’ll never learn. My best wishes to the first woman you hook up with. That’ll be the day."

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Yata narrowed his eyes and simply folded his arms stubbornly across his chest. As sure of himself as he was, Saruhiko always managed to squeeze in a smartass comment or two that left him doubtful. However, all of that doubt was dashed once he made the jibe about women, provoking a brighter flush. “Screw you,” he muttered. He wasn’t afraid of them…


He blinked once—then once more—before the words full of malice turned into a dumb comment and he couldn’t help it was his grin spread further. “Really? Well I guess if you did it with me then you could have some experience if you ever meet a girl but—” he laughs. “I didn’t hink you could ever be so forward about asking.”

[ Misaki you fucked up don’t blame me for this ]

Unlikely Connections {Sanatorium!AU} | homrafighter


The intern turned to face Saruhiko as he began answering the questions she’d thrown at him, a satisfied half-smirk pulling at one side of her mouth. Although she was fully capable upon being left to her own devices, having specifics for an order requested of her was something she greatly appreciated. It decreased her possibility for leaving whomever dissatisfied with what she’d got.

Her fingers moved with every specification he listed off, numbering them each so that she would be able to recall them in the same order. "Single subject, college ruled, large, no spiral." The words were repeated quietly, and each finger tapped against her leg as it moved in counting. That would be easy enough to remember.

The unfortunate knowledge that he would more than likely be unable to fill it with his remaining lifespan sat like ice on the back of her neck. Regardless, though, she would fill his request…and perhaps hold on to the naive hope that he would actually have time to see its last page written in.

Takehiko moved, picking up her clipboard and tucking it under her arm before looking back at him. "I’ll do my best…shouldn’t be hard, right?" She allowed traces of amusement to enter her tone before she continued. "I need to drop this off and head to another wing…apparently I’m needed there as well." She shrugged, and rolled her eyes for when she couldn’t at this mornings brief meeting between interns. "I’ll be back later, though…probably after lunch. Anything else before I go?"

He was amazed and slightly impressed that she was able to repeat each criteria back to him. All that was left to do was to trust that Takehiko was capable enough to actually find him such a notebook. Chances were he’d finish filling this notebook out sometime today, and if he had to go too long without something else to write in he might go insane. As if he needed to add to his current health case. 

"That’s it. You go it." he comments, letting his head rest against the back of his hospital bed. "The sooner you get it the better." he adds, just to make sure she understood just how urgent this was to him. Saruhiko understood that there were other things for her to accomplish around the hospital, but her main purpose here was to be his personal caretaker. 

"I don’t need anything else." Though even if he did, there was a slim chance the hospital staff would allow him to have it. There were many restrictions on Saruhiko’s case, and his freedom was practically nonexistent. He was lucky enough that he could at lease have a notebook—it was a good distraction for him (or so the doctors always said). 

He felt a slight pain in his chest and decided that maybe he’d had a bit too much activity this morning. Not wanting the intern to see his weakness he tried his best to push her out. “You can go. They don’t like to be kept waiting here.” He closes his current notebook and sets it to the side, turning his back to his caregiver as he bites his lip and shallowly breathes through the pain.