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[ I’ve got a fucking angry bae now and it’s all your fault ]

My character is extremely sick, with a high fever and coughing up a storm. How does yours take care of them?



You’re too adorable for words

[ You need to take a step back and think about what you just said ]

[ It came in and now I’m ready for Kigurumi!Saru at Otakon ]

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[ Let me post you this mun-day photo because 1) I haven’t done so in a while and 2) I find it hilarious that I had to work in such a condition today … Let me tell you a story: ]

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[ I hit 850 followers overnight and I’m so happy I’m about to bawl…I love everyone so much and even though I’m shit more than half the time (the rest of the time is me not even being around) you all stick by me with warm hugs and lots of love. Komi is very thankful for each and every one of you ]

[ One of these days the number of drafts I have will go down a decent amount. Today is not that day. Goodnight ]


It wasn’t until he saw that mischievous grin spread across Saruhiko’s face that Misaki became away of the double meaning to his own insult. Skin burning, his mouth fell open in bewilderment for a moment before he began stuttering. “T-That’s not what I fucking meant and you know it!” he snapped harshly, waving an arm. “Don’t go reading into things that aren’t there, pervert!”


"You’re the one who said it, so don’t go blaming me." he quickly retorts. "Besides, it was a joke. You take things much to seriously, Mi-sa-ki~." A small sigh escapes his lips. "But it really is a shame. I guess you’ll never learn. My best wishes to the first woman you hook up with. That’ll be the day."

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